Publicity campaign

We believe that everything starts from an idea. And the best weapon that will make you stand out smartly from the competition is just a better idea. It's not even about the money!!!
Thinking is simple. What it is all about, it is to think different through this diversity so as to catch the interest of the world.
Do not forget that your advertisement is as important as the actual product. It prepares and advances someone of what follows.

Your advertisement is a conversation. It needs to surprise, enchant, inform, challenge, personalize, commit. Only then will the world be bothered to deal with it.
People do not care about your products or about what you are telling them. They have their own concerns and desires. They don’t have the time and you will difficultly make them listen to you. They will only hear if you can surprised and amuse them.
Advertising is everything. A spot on TV or radio and a good entry in the press can make you earn impressions. Although the same will happen when you send a fax or an email with an elegant appearance, a thank you card to your client, a well-designed catalogue, a meticulous, neat and welcoming image of your company.

People are talking about your products whether you like it or not. Not so much if the result looks good or even bad but a lot if it looks different. Diversity counts.
Experience is very important but without the enthusiasm it remains sterile. In Printall our +30-year experience is unquestionable and it is proven by the vast number of work samples. Although for our enthusiasm in every project we assume you should talk to our own customers. It is our inner need to experience things with passion and intensity.

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